Early and late light

Hi Mariya!

Honestly I´ve to tell that light could be my weakness feature in photography. At least I forgot care about many times.

Actually First photo I´ve chosen is not a travel photo. I took last month riding bike going to my studio at 9,00 a.m. Even I was in a hurry I must to do a break to take the photo. I like a lot the foggy effect through the buildings and see.


The second one was taken in August last year between 20,30 to 22,30 in somewhere between Madrid and Düsseldorf. I liked a lo the sunset effect into the clouds, the shine and highlights.


And an extra one in Berlin in February 2009 at night which I like the snow rain effect:


Thanks again for other interesting enjoyable class and I write you agin in my next class, Photos with iPhone.

Best Regards


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