Early Morning Tea

Early Morning Tea - student project

I'm an early riser. Although I do love coffee, it is with chai tea that I begin my day. Although my son is getting older now, I love to begin my day before my family awakes with time for watercolor. That means switching on my electric kettle and preparing a cup of tea in a mug made by a friend to bring to my little creative desk which doubles as a laundry room and is separated by a curtain dotted with playful llamas in scarves. Often when I am just finishing up a project, I'll hear the pads of my dog's feet coming my way, stopping to stretch and yawn and then making her way to the rug beside my chair. Just after she arrives I notice the increasingly heavier steps of my growing eleven year old son who sometimes joins me in the comfy chair I use for painting and we talk about the work I created (he, too, loves drawing and painting). 

Three words to describe this early morning setting are...

1. candlelight

2. cozy

3. reflection in both light and feel

When setting this scene, I considered the hero and although it was the tea at first, yet it ended up being the little house. It creates the feel of the morning this time of year, in winter, when I need to go inwards and become more reflective. This time of morning is my respite and refuge among what can be a very busy season. It is my time to recharge and be the person I want to be for my family and offers a moment of peace in beginning my day. In this case, the tea and time for creativity warms me up from the inside like the little light inside the house. 

The photos show a progression of light entering the space and end with the tea finally steeped and morning light filtering in through the window. 

Early Morning Tea - image 1 - student project

Early Morning Tea - image 2 - student project

Early Morning Tea - image 3 - student project

Early Morning Tea - image 4 - student project

Early Morning Tea - image 5 - student project