Early Childhood Research Database

Early Childhood Research Database - student project

I'm creating a webiste where I can organize the early childhood education and development research that I come across. I plan to go to graduate school for a similar field and would like to have a collection of research to search and reference for future writing/professional work, so I'm narrowing my attention on a select number of research domains that most interest me.

In this class I'm building the template for this site. However, it would make the most sense to have the bank of articles in a database that can somehow interface with the site... I'm not sure how to do this YET, but plan to continue working on it after this class is completed. I have a basic understanding of SQL and it looks like I will have to learn PHP or a similar language to make it work. I will also want to allow searches of the database and sort table coumns on the site.

I'd love to share what I have worked on so far, but I don't plan to purchase a domain until I am further along in this project.