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Early Breakfast

This week I wanted to make sure I had plenty of energy before work and was really excited and pleased with the recipes on the course. First up were the carrot breakfast cakes which might be my favorite recipe from the class.

I also added some sultanas and raisins just because I quite like them with oats and they seem to have given it a nice tart note. Here's the final product



I then tried the mini cheese and brocoli fritattas only this time with hard goats cheese and manchego since I can't have cow's milk. Around this time my family cottened on to the fact that I was baking a lot so they all got some too - and loved them! I will definitely be making this again for them (and for me too).




Finally I tried the Chocolate Avacdo and Chia Pudding wit blueberries. Although the simplest of the recipes I managed to get this the most wrong by not using a good enough processor (i used our lousy blender instead) and by adding too much cocoa powder. Next time I'm tempted to try and use a melted chocolate on top and older fruit since that definetley had an effect on the creaminess but otherwise I was really happy with how easy it was.


Cheers again for the class :)


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