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Tricia Gardner

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Earl the Monkey & My Dog Meeko

Another update on Earl the monkey! I adjusted his run/walk cycle to make it look smoother. I also added movement to his tail when he's running, which I forgot about in the first try. I added some background imagery and he's now taking a nice walk/run through the desert hills.


Since I've rigged and animated Earl with the GG puppet tools technique I've decided to try and animate my dog Meeko with the shape layers technique demonstrated with the penguin animation. I want to try and create really fun and bouncy movements similar to the penguin animation and also add some details like facial expressions, head turns, etc. that I didn't add to Earl the monkey.


Today I worked on creating a walk cycle for Earl the monkey. I also wanted to play around with him running, so here's what I came up with:


This is my first ever attempted walk cycle! I think it still needs a little work. I'm pretty happy with the transition from running to walking, but I would like to improve the transition from walking to running and make it a little smoother. I'd also like to exaggerate the limbs a little more and give him some more personality.


I was able to figure out my problems with the GG Puppet Tools and rig my monkey character! His name is Early the angry monkey, and he's part of an animated movie I'm creating. Here is a test animation I finished today of him.


He's supposed to be jumping up and down angrily when someone asks him a question. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! This is my first character animation of this type and I'm not really familiar with any proper animation techniques and am working my way through trying to make it look beleivable. I'm planning on buying and reading the two books recommended to help me improve!

Progress on the animation of my dog Meeko to come!


I'm having trouble with the GG Puppet Tools script. I'm working on a project for work and want to animate this monkey. I place the puppet pins on the arm in the places I want them, but when I click "Apply Pins To Nulls" they appear in a stange location far away from the monkey's arm!

Anybody know why it might be doing this and how to fix it???? Here's a screenshot of what's happening:

And this is the monkey character:

I'll be working on the animation of my dog in my free time, and this monkey animation for work at the same time.


This is my dog Meeko. He's a tiny flop-eared, crazy-eyed boston terrier with a big personality. My goal is to animate him and create a short intro clip to add to the beginning of the video that will be from my upcoming wedding, so that I can send to family and friends as a sort of digital thank you card. I think my next step will be adding some texture to him, and then move on to rigging him in AE. Really looking forward to working on this project, and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Creating his character in Illustrator, and some reference photos.


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