Eames Chair

Eames Chair - student project

I was looking for a good way to add texture in vector form, so this class was awesome! I did a classic Eames chair for this project. 

Since I did this project sitting in the office, I didn't have access to art supplies, so I just used the image from Jamie (thanks!) 

Although I did love the technique of making brushes, I will have to make more later! 


Eames Chair - image 1 - student project

Once I made my first chair, I was having so much fun with colors that I added a few more to the lineup. 

Eames Chair - image 2 - student project

Great class Jamie! Simple and easy to follow and I learned a helpful skill. 

Update! I wasn't overly happy with the texturing when i looked at it today. Here's an updated version! 

Eames Chair - image 3 - student project