Eagle / Hawk / Giraffes?

Eagle / Hawk / Giraffes? - student project

I've always been interested in Fraser's method. Having gone through the process, I've picked up a whole lot of great techniques and ideas. Specifically, the line consistency aspect (trying not to combine line types that aren't the same) has been something that's been a bit of an a-ha moment for me.

So, I went with birds... I've always tried them in the past with very limited success. This attempt is by far my best, and if I'd taken more time I think i could have come up with something pretty solid. For now though, this was more of an exercise in process for me.

here's the flow:

Eagle / Hawk / Giraffes? - image 1 - student project

I think the bottom portion leaves much to be desired. and the eye is a bit janky, but overall I think this method has help me achieve efficient and effective results.

On a side note... When's the text portion coming out!

Thanks again to Fraser for putting this together. Made for an extra enjoyable monday.

Now for something completely different. Giraffes can be cool too, right?

Eagle / Hawk / Giraffes? - image 2 - student project

Heres the process on the Giraffe...

Eagle / Hawk / Giraffes? - image 3 - student project

With a holding element

Eagle / Hawk / Giraffes? - image 4 - student project