Eager for Spring

Eager for Spring - student project

I'm very new to gardening but I love it!  After my first year Tropical Storm Irene came through and wrecked my small lawn when a tree had to be removed.  Then last year we had Hurricane Sandy and another tree came down and wrecked the garden I had just planted the previous spring on the other side of the house!  As destructive as these storms hav

e been I now have a heck of a lot more sunlight!  The loss of these two trees also means my soil will have a lot more water and nutrients to work with.

I have three or four tiny little spaces around the house to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables.  My first project is going to be planning out what is going to grow where.  I have a whole new environment to work with as not only did I lose trees, but so did my neighbors.  All this new sunshine really changes the dynamics of a garden and gives me many new options.  I'm so eager to figure out what I can grow.  So my first project will be a little map of what I can put where.

I'm a map-maker by profession, I work as a GIS Analyst, so these more rough, hand drawn and creative maps are very fun!  I hope that accessing the more creative side of mind in this class will also carry over to what I do for work and open up new avenues of thought and that I get inspired to show map features in a new way.

Eager for Spring - image 1 - student project

3/1 above is a poorly scanend version of my hand drawn map, compelte with coffee my son spilled on it.  I'm getting a beginning sense of what will go where and I'm looking forward to spring, its just around the corner.