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Tori Howard

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Each One, Teach One

Yo whattup everybody! My name is Tori "Torsion" Howard, a creative midwest native w/ a camera that travels...a lot I'm here to share my third eye with you all.

I'm a Chicago-based, flight attendant, photographer, & skilled bboy (breakdancer for those who don't know). I'm a self-taught photographer as well & I'm feeling everyone's submissions and look forward to seeing more! 

Steve, its all about that ginger beer tho! Haha real talk, your class was on point, man. Thanks for your insight! 

Peace & lightbulbs to everyone,

@toritorsion on the gram


Showcasing Light1/640sec f/7.1, ISO 200


Lake Michigan, Lake Shore Drive, Ohio St. Beach - Chicago, IL


Vanishing Point • 1/640sec at f/6.3, ISO 160


Outdoor staircase love. - Miraflores District in Lima, Peru


Shooting/Using Scale • 1/6400sec at f/1.8, ISO 1600


Experimenting w/ rain, fast shutter speed, scale & shallow depth of field - Chicago, IL


Complimentary Color • 1/100sec f/6.3, ISO 400


Snagged this dude twistin' his dreads downtown while waiting for the "L" downtown at the elevated Clark/Lake CTA train station. - Chicago, IL


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