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EZcouple.com, Free Tool To Boost Your Relationship

The project owned by PeaceReminder LLC. started 5 years ago when I thought something should be done to help couples thrive in our busy, unpredictable world. I spent 2 years researching, thinking, gathering information, and conceiving a project that would be sustainable. At the time I thought it is was the hard part!


Acutely aware of the privacy and intimacy of romantic relationships, internet seemed to be the best platform to offer a tool that would be distant enough for couples to feel safe sharing part of their private life, and yet customized enough to provide an effective tool that would facilitate and improve their lives.

Business model so far is this:

The site will provides 2 services for free for the registered couple: a viral component is expected where 1 user should bring at least 1 more.

1. Semi-customized coaching service via email for the man, focused on the little things he can do or say that will matter for his life partner. How do we know it will matter? That is the customized part under pending patent.

2. Digital storage of ideas and purchasable gifts for the female partner, provided by her and her close selected circle. So it is a private wish list for him to choose from where ideas come either from her or the family or close friends who know her well. 

Revenues for the site are based on:

1. The number of users registered using the site.

2. Affiliate links leading to gift purchase, either entered by the user directly as an affiliate link, or the link entered by the user is converted into an affiliate link.


We are using part of what has made social networks so successful: the service is built around the user's own data entry. 

Privacy is one of our primary concerns so we limit advertisement and want to openly base our revenues on affiliate links. Available for the registered user we have a database of affiliated products and services the user can browse and select from.

The plan is not to use the email database of the users either. Payed subscription for now has not been considered, but it might be if I don't find any clean way ( honoring my users' trust) to make money.


2 domain names peacereminder.com, EZcouple.com

2 trademarks (1 is pending): Easy Couple, EZcouple (pending)

2 websites: peacereminder.com first online version of the project and EZcouple.com, latest version partially hidden for testing

A pending patent filed Aug 1st 2012 for the algorithm behind EZcouple application.

A book just published on amazon! Yeah! 


  • Building credibility and a brand
  • Developing the application so it works!


Web designer freelancer 

Web developer familiar with a custom application created with Php, javascript, ajax , CSS.

SEO, internet marketing freelancer


V2 is more focused on relaying the value of the services provided. User friendliness has also been improved and neat and fun features such allowing the male partner to chat online with his "team" .

After V1 I realized how difficult it is to interest people over a totally new product they have not yet seen or used elsewhere. We all use technology daily for everything, yet a service touching something as intimate as our existing romantic relationship had not been created.

People know about dating sites, forums, and individual counselling, They have no clue about a tool private enough to be their own that would guarantee that the next birthday celebration or the next time spent together, is a fun successful event for both partners in the relationship.

Customers as I anticipate them: comitted long-term couples, anglophones ( although that is debatable) and tech savvy. 

20 questions answered :

1. Who is it for? 

Couples already formed who want to last and thrive.

2. What does thi group believe?

That a loving long lasting relationship is a lottery they have little control over.

3. Have they bought a solution like this before?

Some have on an individual, costly, time consuming basis.

4. Do they know about you?

No, not really. I have been working on that with my blog and the book I just published.

5. Do they trust you?

Not at first sight because I don't have the related credentials; when they see that I walk the road I preach, that my own relationship is doing well, I guess trust will come.

6. Are people paying with cash or attention or connection?

People are paying with attention and connection.

7. Are you connecting one customer to another?

YES! More exactly I am leveraging my customers' connections.

8. One customer to your solution?

Definitely! All the guys who are tired of racking their brain to find a gift or something their wife will love, and all the women who are tired of receiving an unwanted gift, and explaining in capital letters what they want.

9. One kind of customer to another?

A customer who has an emotional connection and a real relationship with another. Each connection between the customers reflects a preexisting relationship.

10. What job is your customer hiring your product or service to do?

Simplify his life, facilitating the communication between two life partners.

11. If this catches on, why won't cheaper competitors be able to steal your market?

How can they be cheaper than it already is? It is free for the customer. My risk is more if a renowned couple therapist decided to launch a similar product, even for a fee.

12. What is the hard part?

The technical side to provide a safe, reliable service, and convincing couples to actually try the services.

13. What's scarce?

Time and quality time.

14. Does your offering become more valuable as more people use it?

Absolutely! The services will constantly be adjusted to meet the users demands. The more users, the more feedbacks, the more opportunities to provide a better service.

15. How much does it cost to make a sale?

A hell lot right now! Once the apllication is up and running though, costs will be rather low.

16. What is the lifetime value of a customer?

Not sure I grasp well the question's meaning. I would say unrealistic and priceless! Having a customer for all his life I guess is the dream of many businesses. Mine is only aiming to provide assistance in the (hopefully) huge time of the life of a romantic relationship already born, and not yet died.

 17. Can you make what you make significantly more cheaply?

From my perspective definitely, if I added some technical skills and expertise in the technological aspect of the service. From the user's perspective nothing is cheaper than free without privacy alienation, isn't it?

18. Faster?

Yes we can always improve the speed of the services. I am not sure though that it is in the best interest of the customer in my case.

19. Can you add more value to what you make?

Yes! By fine tuning what the couple really want and need.

20. When can you ship?

No shipping! Thanks to the virtual world.


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