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EZLifeSkills is a project designed to teach young people (11 years +) life saving skills, mainly CPR.

After a number of years teaching all manner of first aid courses and also working for nearly 20 years in the emergency services in London the main things I have taken away from listening to other people is:

The course is boring

The course is too long

Soon after the course almost everything is forgotten

A bit about the course

 The EZLifeSkills CPR course, a combination of online learning and hands on instruction is designed to be fun, interactive and engaging. The learners can learn at their own rate, taking breaks and coming back to the course when ready. It's broken down in to sections with a fun quiz or activity after each section to embed the learning before moving on to something new. We have other kids demonstrating how to  do CPR rather than some teacher/parent/ adult talking at them....Blah blah blah.

An online test is taken at the end with the opportunity to retake it if a certain level isn't reached, after which a certificate with the learner name can the be printed off. 

It's aimed to teach young people on their level in a language that they understand by using tools that keeps the course varied and them interested. 

We are looking at marketing this to schools, colleges and youth groups but it can also be downloaded at home, so the whole family can learn.

Here in the UK there was recently a petition to government requesting that CPR be part of the national curriculum in schools. Across Europe (Germany in particular) it's compulsory training in order to get a driving license. In the States too it is widely taught in high school before graduation.

The idea of teaching kids CPR (also called emergency life support, ELS and basic life support  BLS) at school is so that it is a skill that is common to everyone not just a select few that might have gone to scouts or been involved in sports etc. Each year thousands of people die form sudden cardiac arrest, a large number of these lives could be saved if at the time they were with someone who was trained in CPR. Of course CPR is just designed for people with cardiac arrest but can be used in any scenario when someone has stopped breathing for any reason. 


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