EZ T-Shirt Designs ✦ Sell On Amazon For Free

EZ T-Shirt Designs ✦ Sell On Amazon For Free - student project

Merch by Amazon is the newest platform for t-shirt creators.  Anyone can create and sell t-shirts with this new platform with no upfront costs or a single penny out of pocket.  Whether you sell one shirt or a hundred Amazon will print, box and ship your t-shirt(s) and is qualified for Amazon Prime (buyer pays no shipping). Now anyone can easily create custom branded t-shirts that their fans will be comfortable in and love to wear.

In this course, students will learn about the Merch by Amazon platform, the image requirements (Amazon Template Requirements), and how much money you will make off each t-shirt sold - Royalty system. Students will also learn ways to come up with ideas and three easy platforms you can use to easily create your designs.

Difficulty Level – Basic

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone who wants to make a passive income by selling T-shirts online.
  • Anyone who wants to create their own T-shirts instead of paying a designer.
  • Anyone who’s excited about creating funny, witty, creative, or trendy t-shirt designs.
  • Anyone who is interested in partnering with Amazon, one of the largest sites on the Internet, in building their own brand they can call their own.

What will I need to complete this class?

  • Be able to copy and paste.
  • Notepad and pen for writing down ideas.
  • Creative imagination.                    


EZ T-Shirt Designs ✦ Sell On Amazon For Free - image 1 - student project

DIY T-Shirts Class Overview:

  1. Intro to Merch by Amazon
  2. Bulletproof Arsenal – Tools for course – Free
  3. Design Pics – Where to find them royalty free
  4. Gimp Designs
  5. PicMonkey Designs
  6. Word Swag Designs
  7. Amazon Ready
  8. Amazon Ready To Sell
  9. Conclusion – Published on Amazon

If you want an easy way to brand yourself and a better understanding of the Merch by Amazon platform this will be a fun class for you. 

After a ton of my friends asking me how to design t-shirts, I finally put this class together to show you how easy it is and had a lot of fun making this class for them and for you.  Take my class today and you’ll have that arsenal of knowledge forever.  Cheers!

Ernesto “Gorilla Gigs” Massenzo

Ernesto Massenzo
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