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Well this is the project I've been working in the last two months.

The url is this: book-project-evesan.herokuapp.com.
I also made a prototipe at Marvel app that can be found: here.

If It does not open at first,  try again. Heroku's dyno sleep sometimes and may take a while to wake it up again.

I haven't bought a domain yet cause I want to finish first the development.

The Process ....

First I spend some days trying to figure out what I wanted, so I visited cool reference sites.  
FWACss Design Awards and Awwwards where my main references.
With all that information I made my moodboard.


Darkness, mystery, elegance and freshness were some topics I wanted my site to have.

Then with the lessons I figured out that  just three sections will be ok for me.
-About Me

I made some Wire Frames and define what it should be into them.



When I had that clear it came the designing time. :D

After days of thinking, doing, erasing and going back to my references this is what I got ...






At that point I was really excited, I had something that I liked but there were so much work to do.

The programming time.

I knew what I was going to use at the frontend development: HTML5, CSS3, some JS framework like AngularJS but I wanted to learn more. 
I decided to use TweenMax for the animations and d3js for the work section behaviour.
It was my very firts time with both of them but with a little patience, reading and some tutorials I get what I wanted.

¿And the backend?

Well I have had been working recently with Ruby on Rails, and the first idea was to use that framework, but something happened that i rememred there was this backend framework that uses nodejs and express called SailsJs

Honestly it reminds me a lot Rails because of the structure of the project, and the generators.

My first work was to design models and the api that would serve all data, it took sometime...
API spec

Once that was made, it became the testing time.

As everything in life it came to finish that work, so I began with the Frontend development for the site and the administration part where I can edit the content in forms, like the ones of a wordpress site but built in angularJs an sailsJs.

At this moment I´m very happy cause I´ve  almost finished the development, but there is more work to do.

I plan to edit the background video is shown on the page and the music... well I'm not quite sure it's the correct one. 

Also I have to generate the each copy of each project and inlcude them in the site, nowadays there's only one project at develop.

Well that's all for the moment, i just wanted to share my experience with mi book design and development.

Thanks for reading.


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