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Everything really does change when you have kids. Ha ha. I believed people, but not to the extent that I have gotten to experience. Watching my son look at the world and piece things together is so beautiful and simple, yet also expanding and imaginative.

What starts in this class I am going to put towards a pattern collection the exemplifies learning new things through his eyes. I am often surprised by his willingness to get down on the floor, grass, or even dirt to really look at something. How often do adults do that? I'll answer that- never! I have had to set aside my clean mom notions and get down and see what he sees. THE WORLD IS SO AMAZING! My son finds discoveries everywhere, hence the name of the collection. He can find something fascinating everywhere....

As many, many, many kids, my son is in love with the very hungry caterpillar! ( Have you actually seen how many books Eric Carle has illustrated??? Google that guy! Ha, it's impressive!) After reading all his books 10,000 times, I have started to search for more. Why is this page so interesting? What are the colors? Look at all that texture..... and that's the thing with so many kids books, the illustrations are so simple but have tremendous depth. I hope to create a collection that is a reflection of time spent behind all these board books.

This collection will be about flight and insects and distances they go. This collection will be imaginative, layered, and full of joy! 

So, get down on your hands and knees and get ready to see the world up close and maybe then we will all see the bigger picture that there is beauty EVERYWHERE!



I am definitely one that can fall down the pinterest hole and never return! Have also included some of my own photographs of bees and caterpillars for my inspiration.


I am obsessed with color. After being taught about the color picker tool my life has never been the same. I am constantly looking at pictures on line and screen saving them because I LOVE COLOR COMBINATIONS! 


A few pages of sketches and finished traced images!












Phase 4: Diagonal Patterns





Phase 5: Patterns with texture or background




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