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I'm Derieo Herron (DEEO), a photographer thats constantly moving but orginally from NewOrleans, Louisiana. My project is based on differnet cities I've been to recently, while incorporating the 5 shots (birdseye, off the beaten path, middle of the road, the signs of life, and the postcard shot).

1. Birdseye

For this shot, I was able to get onto a ship and capture this birdseye view while leaving the city. NewOrleans, Louisiana


2. Off The Beaten Path

The "off the beaten path" shot was taken underground at a Philadelphia, PA subway station, I think the adventure to get to this spot was more interesting than the actual shot.


3. Middle of the Road

For the "Middle of the Road" shot, I woke up around 3:30 am to catch the sunrise at Ocean City Beach, MD, but in the mist ended up with this beauty.


4. Signs of Life

My "signs of life" shot was in Dumbo (Brooklyn, New York). New York has action on almost every block so it was easy to get the signs of life shot while in Brooklyn. Pick-up game anyone?


5. The Postcard

This "Postcard" shot was taken in New York. It's a silhouette of Manhattan that was taken at the perfect time of the day to catch the tones of the sky.


Hope you guys enjoy my project, also more of my work is available at DeeoVisuals.com or Instagram: @_deeo_


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