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I'm in the process of developing an idea for an Etsy store that sells hand-lettered quotes, but in a "coloring book" style so that individuals can color them to fit into their own decor and aesthetic. I would like to launch with a very well thought out look, instead of coming up with something after the fact.

I enjoyed the process of making a Creative Brief - it's something I've never tried before but will definitely use in the future:

Also, the mood board explanation and experience, although I've always seen them, was sort of a revelation for me. I'm not sure I'm very good at creating them yet, but I just found images of things that I really loved that sort of fit the vibe... and mashed them all together. I may need some more practice with this process... do you guys kind of feel the mood I was going for?

I might just get rid of the bottom three images. I'm not sure they really add anything to the overall aesthetic.

Just started working with the color pallette and am at a bit of an impasse. I am leaning towards A or B, I think.

I am usually not a fan of pinks, but the secondary color in (A) has the feel of a dusty rose or even a very light coral instead of a traditional bubblegum pink.

I also love how classic and almost nautical the colors in (B) look.

(C) and I are still fighting over that last neutral color before we can be friends.

Update 9/19/13 - I am currently struggling with a logo. I would like to integrate a flower, but the types I have tried at first were either too girly or too hawaiian for my taste. I like the crumpled paper texture though.

I played around with sketching some dahlia flowers to see how I could integrate them into the design, but they were a bit complicated. Here's a (bad) picture of some of the sketches of the dahlias:

And then I brought them into the computer to bring them into the digital design. Too much?


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