ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - student project

Last week I made a trip to London and saw the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A. I was really fascinated with the complexity of his designs. He seems to have gotten inspirations from an infinite variety of different sources and he had no fear of taking patterns from other cultures and transforming them into something new. That inspired me ;o)


This project takes me back to the ancient Egypt. If we could travel in space and time, what kind of experiences would we have there? I´m sure, we´d see incredible things: people worshipping the sun and the moon, powerful gods and goddesses, mystic rituals, hidden treasures … I would like to capture some of the ancient spirit and bring it alive in my collection.

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 1 - student project


Here are some of the shapes and patterns I selected. (I could fill a dozen pages with them, but I decided to show just one ;o)

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 2 - student project


I took 18 colours out of the 2 pictures below. Maybe I will have to change one or the other colour in the process, but for now I´ll leave it like this.

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 3 - student project


Here are some of my sketches. By drawing the motifs I wanted to get a feeling for the shapes and the design language of the egyptian illustrations. I usually build the shapes of my patterns right on the computer, so the sketches are not very detailed and just a reminder of what I want to draw. (see first motif below). 

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 4 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 5 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 6 - student project


These are my digital sketches and the first ideas for repeats. Also designs for the first patterns (I started with a blender print and a secondary print) ... 

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 7 - student project


ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 8 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 9 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 10 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 11 - student project


ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 12 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 13 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 14 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 15 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 16 - student project

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 17 - student project


Today I had the first swatches printed out ... they look quite good, but I discovered some mistakes in the repeats ...

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 18 - student project

... below you can see the mistakes: I forgot to enlarge my background colour rectangle before I made the final repeat. The rectangle for the background colour should be larger the rectangle for the repeat, otherwise the pixels at the edge of the tif document are lighter than they should be ....

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 19 - student project

Thanks, Elizabeth for this great class :o)). You helped me to create my first "real" collection!


XMAS 2018

I still have some fabric pieces of this collection and decided to use them for xmas gifts. Here´s one ;o). 

ETERNITY´S SUNRISE - image 20 - student project

Eugenie Hadinoto
Graphic Designer, Teacher