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Kevin Dann




ENIGMA: THE SHOW orientation map

HUH? That little map should be taped to a window of a Brooklyn Heights apartment overlooking the Promenade, but on this rainy day I am stuck here above the Grand Army Plaza, so that is what you get as backdrop to this map I made yesterday, on tracing paper, to be distributed to audience groups who take part in ENIGMA – a new, about-to-debut outdoor mystery theater adventure in Brooklyn.

I need to take groups of 10 people from here – the Abiel Abbott Low Mansion on Pierrepont Place in Brooklyn Heights, to here:

and since this is a quest, a literary mystery, an adventure full of surprises, I can't show too much, or it spoils the fun! We had our dry run with the actors yesterday, and no one liked the map at all. Most felt that anyone using it would get lost. I feel it gives away TOO MUCH.

Back to the drawing board. . .


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