EMBELLISHMENT: My favorite color is shiny

I decided to do two new illustrations, as well as embellish one of my earlier watercolors. I am a novice, but I am having fun!

The top of the dress is flocked {to capture the feel of the lace}, and the belt buckle and skirt are glittered.

I glittered the top of this dress. Not the best watercolor, but I feel I'm improving in some areas so I included it.

I liked this photograph from another student, so after watercoloring, I added pearls and crystals.

I did 2 watercolors.

On the first drawing, should I put in a background? I am unsure about seeing the dress, but I don't know how to do a background. Do you have any suggestions? When I embellish the first one, I am not sure what to embellish. I was thinking the dress, since the coat and glove are so stark.


This class is so much fun. I am not a trained artist; I don't tell you that so I get graded on a curve! I share that because I don't have a style yet. I also am not sure about proportion to be able to change angles. I tried three drawings.

My scanner isn't working today, so I had to go to plan B. Sorry. I will see if I can get them scanned tonight.

How do you know which lines are supposed to be darker?

Very pretty


Digging this green color lately.


Love this photograph.

Love the green gloves


These images capture a feel and style i favor for my paintings. The ethereal is my favorite, juxtapositioned with hard, shiny stones and vintage wear.


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