Hello everyone,

Here is the final project. I used clear glitter it was very difficult to photograph, but on the piece itself I really liked the effect. I used a feather as a treatment. Also a rhinestone was used for the purse. I thought I would crop in so you could see the image a little bit more. I apologize for the horrible scans (I am exhausted and have to get up early to work tomorrow).

I am also including my personal take on the project outside of the syllabus. I was having so much fun and thought “why not”?

I want to thank everyone for his or her input and suggestions. I am so in awe with all the creative energy displayed!!!!!

I want to thank Katie for sharing her knowledge, time, and talent these past couple of weeks. I know how much this required of your time. It was a great opportunity to explore my love of fashion that has been dormant for so long. It's because of the beauty you create...that I was able to explore my passion once again!


Much gratitude,





Hi everyone!

Here are my watercolors. I was determined to submit these drawings even though I wasn't feeling well. I am open to any suggestions you might have. Having fun and wishing this class would never end.

Fashion has always quenched my creative spirit! 


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