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Embellishment (03/23/2013):

I was going to embellish with tulle, but I wasn't able to quite find the right color. In retrospect, it's probably for the best that I minimize embellishments until after I have had time to work on my watercolor technique.

Watercolor (03/20/2013):

After a few runs, I found I was having a hard time layering the tulle over the bodice (as you can tell by the skirt, this material gave me some difficulty), so I have slightly augmented the design of the dress. I guess that means my painting is now just 'inspired by' the original dress my Jenny Packham . . .

Some practice runs . . .

Sketch (03/20/2013):

I removed some of the details now that I've become more comfortable with proportions, etc.

Sketch Upate (03/18/2013):

Sketch Update (03/15/2013):

Preliminary sketches (03/14/2013)

. . . any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Inspiration: Jenny Packham Fall 2013

Evident in the most recent runway shows was the recurring theme of the 1940s silhouette. I love classic movies, and have always admired the grace, easy sophistication, and subtle sensuality of the era's fashion. The new 40s carries with it the same confidence, but is less affected and even more devil-may-care.

Eleventh hour revamp!

After sketching and revisiting the To Rome with Love spread in most recent edition of US Vogue, I've tweaked my mood board to reflect what inspires me right now! 


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