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ELL is a women's wear fashion label based out of San Francisco, CA. My focus for this collection is modern, edgy streetwear, not so basic-basics, minimal and dynamic garments that pound with the sartorial heartbeat of the moment. 

The Name, The Logo

I have been going back and forth for a long time on whether to have an eponymous label or have something catchy. After weeks of deliberation I've decided on ELL which stands to my full name Eleonore Lizbeth. Its clean, contemporary, and I love it. 

I had my friend help me with the logo after a bit of initiall conceptualizing that I did on my own. I wanted a shape that had strength and meaning. A triangle is one of my favorites because #1 I really want to see the pyramids and #2 the number three has this sort of cryptic symbology associated with it, and #3 I could convert on of the L's in ELL into a triangle. So we decided to have the Logo play off the two L's. 

Here is an image of our thought process...

ELL Spring 2014 

For this collection I wanted to redefine the staples of a modern girl's wardrobe. For my debut collection I felt that it was really important that I establish myself as a fashion streetwear label so a lot of my collection is skirts, dresses, shorts and tops that you can layer with each other and essentially create a whole wardrobe just from 6 key pieces. I want these clothes to be both dynamic and accessible at the same time, Im designing for the girls I see everyday. The color pallette for this collection is basic blacks, whites, an accent color of neon green, and a accent pattern of thin black and white stripes. My dream is to see these clothes walking down the street, so I downplayed my use of complicated seam details and sihouettes and tailored it  for the modern girl out about town. 

  • classic styles meshed with modern cuts and cut aways.
  • black, white, neon green, stripes
  • cottons, poly blends, durable, comfortable fabrics
  • SILHOUETTE: minimal, clean, sleek. I want silhouettes that can span a couple of seasons and feel new with a change in seasonal colors.

Price Range: I project to price this collection between $45-$80 a garment

Target Market

Women in their early-late twenties, concert go-ers, vinyl listeners, rock n roll kittens. My girl is a little devil and all around charmer. 

Here are some sketches and flats that I have done for the look of my debut collection for ELL. Although i know how to create my flats on Illustrator, I prefer my hand drawn flats. They have a little more character, but I would definitely take it to illustrator when working with a manufacturer.

I collaborated with a Jewelry Designer, Sophia Ditty, who did the amazing jewelry for this photoshoot.

About Me...My name is Eleonore, I'm 24 years old and currently a full time fashion design student working toward her BFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. My approach to fashion has always been to stay away from what looks safe. I like to add interesting design elements into my garments, whether it is through seam line or silhouette. My fashion story is simple, I've been painting and drawing my whole life and taught myself to sew when I was 15 and havent stopped since. Fashion for me has always been an art of self rediscovery. Clothing has always been a hate-love relationship. I would buy something from a store, hate it because it had no personality, then Love it when I got to tear it to shreds and sew it back up again. Fashion is art that you put on like skin, it moves and breathes with you. The transformative aspect of fashion is what I most adore about what I do. A good piece of clothing can turn a shit day into a day of conquest, and I want my clothes to make people feel like they can take over their own respective worlds. 

My Design Process

Below are images that reveal my process for creating a sample for my collection. The piece in particular that I am working on currently is the first illustration from the Left, my take on the little black dress. The sample color, however, is the same version in White.

In terms of creating, I do everything right now. From Illustration, to drafting my patterns, to creating samples. I feel fortunate to have these skills because i can save some money in the long run and not have to pay someone to do it for me. It is about 4 times as much work, though.

Pattern drafting and making.

3/4 finished Sample. 

Details and Pricing

Jack Crop, #SS14T03


Neon Green


Hatch Crop, #SS14T02





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