ELEMENTAL GUARDIAN - student project

For this class I was inspired by the artist Sara Shroeder because for some reason I've never liked O'Keeffe haha! What I like about Sara is her color palette and the way she uses simple geometric shapes and transparency as well as different textures (dots, little lines, squares).


So this is my Elemental Guardian. I think of her as the protector of all the flowers in the universe (because there are flowers too in other planets right?) so based on this idea and the paintings of Shroeder, I made this guardian's outfit resembling petals with different layers and transparency.

Regarding my color palette I chose a primary color (blue) and its complementary color (orange). I find this combination very appealing to the eye, vibrant and with a lot of contrast. Also the cold and warm hues reflect the mood of all flowers: there are melancholic flowers, passionate flowers, friendly flowers and aggresive flowers. 

Thank you Ira for the class and for making me think out of the box. I specially liked your history lessons.


ELEMENTAL GUARDIAN - image 1 - student projectELEMENTAL GUARDIAN - image 2 - student projectELEMENTAL GUARDIAN - image 3 - student project