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EIM Graphic Design

This is the first time I work on creating my own business card. EIM stands for my initials. The rest of the details will have to be refined over time.

I mainly wanted to see how I could start conveying my style and the services I can offer as a future Graphic Designer, on a small 3x2.5 inches card.

The project's outlines were specific about being creative with a slab typeface. But it didn't feel right to what I wanted to convey so I chose a modern type instead for the acronym EIM: Essonnes (which is found on Typekit). 

I looked a long time for a typeface that would compliment the elegancy of Essonnes' strokes and serifs, and I settled on Acumin Pro (Thin font - on typekit also). I thought it had a nice x-height and the dot on the letter I is a straight line, which recalls the typeface Essonnes' strokes.

1) I tried to cover the whole card with just EIM and Graphic Design, for impact. To show the versatility of the services I will offer, I masked the picture of an orchid for the letter E (delicate but resilient), the picture of a concrete surface for the letter I (strength, and again, elegance with the silver touch), and struggled a bit to find a purpose for the letter M. This is one of my first tries. (The pictures I used are my own).


2) Here I used the yellow on the orchid to try and think of a creative way to texturize the letter M. I thought placing stacked rows of the design company's name - EIM - would be a nice way to give the letter some texture and tick the last box for versatility. Here is an example with a dark grey rectangle at the bottom. It looks too busy and not very appealing.


3) Here I stepped back to a more simple layout. I think it breathes better. I also emphasized some letters in yellow on the letter M to remind the viewer that these are letters EIM over and over again. The yellows also recalls the yellow of the orchid quite nicely I think.


4) The previous design might be okay for the back of my card but not for the front, where the rest of the details had to sit. So I created a grid, with margins, columns and rows so that the elements could sit nicely apart from one another. I tried various positions for the text and finally settled for bottom right and a separator to help the viewer focus on the information better. Acumin is a very big family of fonts so I could play around with the thinness/thickness of the strokes to get to the feel I wanted.


5) My final layout is just a more refined version of the above. I thought of incorporating the acronym EIM at an angle so it could sit on the slant. I made sure that the layout was devided in 3 columns so that the background was balanced with the rest of the elements. I added an outer glow effect behind EIM to make the letters stand out a little better from the background.


I think it's a little too busy. But I am happy with how professional it looks. It's a start!


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