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EG Consulting & Localization

Company Profile

EG Consulting & Localization provides translation solutions that are highly personalized to Silicon Valley companies with high value content to unleash their potential in new, international markets. EG achieves this by semantically, as well as culturally, adapting their customer's message and marketing materials to their target market.

EG's customers are established, mature, male professionals in their mid-30s to 50s, who are also relaxed and have an appreciation for the cool and hip.

EG views itself as a lifestyle company. While EG's client roster includes wine marketers, it is looking to expand it to include more tech and software firms.

EG provides more personalized attention than is available at a larger agency, and the work quality reflects this. EG strives to be flexible and always available, ready to listen to their customer's needs and guide them through the localization process transparently.

EG Consulting & Localization is concerned with simplicity, directness, speed and professionalism, with a modern and global outlook.

-- 7/31/12-- Based on Gen's comments, I'm starting to realize that the term localization can be a potential source of confusion for new customers EG is trying to reach and convince them how it can be useful for them, and I don't want the logo to add to that!

Audience Demographics

Age mid-30s to 50s
Income high
Gender mostly male
Education Level Some College to Graduate Degree
Locale Urban/San Francisco, Silicon Valley

Mood Boards

Localization is the semantic and cultural adapation of a text from one language to another. In translation there is generally an attempt to strike a balance between the transparency of a text in the target language (how well it reads) and fidelitiy (how true it is to the original source in the original language.) Localization is more on the transparent end of this spectrum, which means this sort of translation work goes much beyond a verbatim translation. In essence, it consists of coding the source text into the target language in such a way that it gives the same "feel" as the original, but feels native and fluent to the target audience.  This involves some research and copywriting to make sure the text/message is suitable for its audience in the target language.

In short, Localization is conveyance of a message from one language to another, where it is adapted, so that what is conveyed is better received. 







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