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EF letters


Thank you, Faye, for your class! It was inspiring )

I wanted to make a project for your class, but I don't have any kind of business, so i tried to make a "logo" for my instagram profile where i post my calligraphy/lettering every day, it's actually going to be my new post tommorow, because i didn't have enough time to do anything else today )))

So. Calligraphy and lettering everyday project. I've already had a name for it - it's EFletters, because those are the first letters of my name and also EF reminds me about extra-fine nibs, like Leonardt Principal EF.

I've made a list of things which came to my mind first when i was thinking about it - like nib/ink/3d/etc. Then i had a break and the idea of "blot" came naturally later. I liked this one, because i'm a newbie in both fields and blot is just a thing newbies usually do (actually i don't but that's just an idea).

I made some doodles in my sketchbook:



and picked 4 i liked more. The one crossed looked too much like a gaming stuff.

Then i made some handlettering and even made several blots. took photos of all that stuff and used it as a temple in illustrator. I traced everything by hand, because.. i don't know, it just feels right.

Finally i got these 4 logo sketches in vector:


And after that i decided to be creative one more time and to play with it in illustrator and photoshop. It worked interesting with 1 and 3 versions:


If to talk about the first one - i just made a printsreen when i was in illustrator ) But if to use it as a teplate again and redraw it one more time (that might take time) - it can work i suppose. And for the 3rd one i made a texture with ink and toothbrush, took a photo and added it to this work in photoshop.

About color palette - i didn't think about it too much actually. I wanted black and white logo, because most of my works are black and white. But when i needed color badly i picked turqouise. My favourite color is blue, but it looks too cold, so often when i do something i finish it with this exact color (if i need any). Also i have no idea how to wark with swatches in illustrator ))

So here they're, my 4 finallized versions. I'm not going to comment which one i prefer now and why, because i hope to see some feedback here and to figure out first what others can say about it.



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