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E2I - Harnessing Portuguese potential

In Portugal, youth unemployment is at the highest levels ever. Lack of jobs is leading to mass emmigration and brain drain, with the brightest minds and those with the greatest potential to generate value leaving the country. These people leave because there are no opportunities and most would like to go back, but they claim that not only there are not many jobs, but it's also hard to find them.

E2I will be the first Portuguese job search platform targeted at highly qualified people. Its mission is to harness Portuguese potential, abroad and at home, making it easier for people to find jobs (including academic jobs) that are relevant to them. I hope that this will counter the mass emmigration movement that has been happening and motivate more and more people to return to Portugal.

The model: people will sign up for free at first. Once mass effect is reached (let's say after the first 500), there might be a very small fee. Most profits will come from companies that will have to pay a fee to have their ads on the website, effectively paying for premium access to a large community of very bright people.


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