E-Passport - student project

Objective (what is the goal of this branding project):

To make the e-passport the go-to method of carrying personal identification for smartphone users


Target (who is the brand trying to reach - demographic and mindset):

Smartphone-using adults ages 18+.  They’re fairly early adopters when it comes to new technology – especially mobile/smartphone technology.  They deeply understand and appreciate how mobile advancements in particular have made all kinds of transactions easier and more efficient, and they like to make sure they’re using it to its fullest extent


Insight (what deep consumer need is the brand trying to solve):

Most adults need some form of identification on them at all times.  However, many everyday activities – from applying for jobs to traveling to obtaining a marriage license – require more than one, and it can be difficult to remember to bring EVERY single document that you need.  In fact, even carrying around one form of ID can be troublesome.  Many people claim they’re more likely to leave their driver’s license at home than their smartphone!


Key Idea (the core purpose of the brand - should be pithy & inspirational):

E-passport – your phone is all you need.

Supporting Facts About the Brand:

1. The e-passport uses your smartphone to seamlessly integrate your personal ID


2. The e-passport stores a variety of different forms of identification – so you have all the personal documents you need for every day tasks as well as travel, and special errands


3. The e-passport securely stores your information so you don’t have to worry about identity theft


3-Word Personality (the brand’s tone):

Futuristic, Easy, Ingenious