E-Book Club Application

E-Book Club Application - student project

E-Book Club Application

Social Media for Book Clubs

The problem: My friends and I are starting a long distance book club using facebook's group feature. It's pretty unorganized and difficult to communicate with members in any organized manner.

The solution: A social media based e-book club app.

E-readers are becoming much more prominent and are more affordable than physical copies 99% of the time. My app would integrate direct links and some level of interactivity to kindle ebook apps that are available on all platforms. I would also be looking to integrate your Facebok profile as an easy way to find and invite friends, as well as load user profile data.

E-Book Club Application - image 1 - student project



  • Synopsis

  • Popularity

  • Rating

  • link to download from Amazon

Forum? - Post topics and talk with other users

Discussion – chat discussion will need to be moderated in some way.

  • Scheduled discussion time with push notifications via text, email or iCal/Google Calendar

Voting – Poll based after moderator selects voting choices.

  • The first three weeks of the previous month are dedicated to user submissions for next month

  • The last month

Chat - Like gChat or iChat, you can privately message users.


  • User Profiles: Profile Picture. Username and password, link to your facebook profile or other social media. Top 5 books with links to synopses. 'Wall' of sorts, where you can publicly talk to one another.


Will see all submissions for next book from users and select ten titles for voting

App will automatically send users notifications based on user preferences for voting deadlines, discussion dates

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