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Dystopian Sci-Fi Mechanic

I am designing a game character who lives in a dystopian science-fiction environment with a background as a mechanic. He is a tough character, doesn't speak much, but is very resourceful. After a traumatic event, he is forced to become a nomad and survive harsh conditions on an terra-formed alien planet with scavenged resources.

---*/ Step 1 /*---

I am struggling to understand the thumbnailing process, but I think I'm making progress:

Final set of thumbnails for Step 1:

---*/ Step 2 */---

After some time off the project, I've returned to my mechanic and attempted to enter the refining stages. I chose some of the characters based on preferences and feedback (thanks). 

I definitely gravitated towards the three designs on the right, creating backgrounds for the characters as I have moved forward and will try to develop and refine them further. 


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