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Sarah Gebauer

I make accessible user interfaces and webcomic



Dyslexic Panda logo


As I mention in part 1 project I wanted my brand to tell that I am neurodivergent. With this approach I visited several places which talk about fonts, this, this and several others which talk about those two.


Being a code native I played with my logo on the web for some time. There were no sketches as I know it would take me too long to sketch any font I wanted to use.

I definitely wanted to avoid fonts specifically designed for dyslexic people, ugly fonts are ugly fonts. So I had left sans serif, monospace and roman. At first I was playing with system font monospaced but it looks different on every system. I settled that I will try Anonymous Pro which is available under SIL OFL.

There were some experiments with AlphaSymbolic which was designed for dyslexic people but is unreadable to most people.


I plan to use the fourth from the top. There are variants for times when the whole text in the logo can't fit in the window, in such cases I plan to use the aligned to left variant. DP variant is interesting but I won't use it.

I have thought about using a panda illustration but I have to think it through how it would scale.



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