Dynamic color - lightning fast color workflow for comics and illustration!


Hey everyone! I recently realised I have developed a color workflow that is quick and efficient and would love to share it with the lovely community from Skillshare!

Did you ever struggle with painting an illustration, comics page or game art asset and your client, editor, manager or boss wanted a few different color versions? Did you feel frustrated because no matter how many colour filters or layer adjustments you used it did not help in the end?

Does this sound familiar to you: "I don't care you spent 3 days painting this clown, the pants need to be purple or mauve! Not turqoise! Oh and can you also repaint a version with orange pants? I just want to see how it looks like!"

I have been there myself! I have worked in the the gaming and entertainment industry for about 10 years and even in comics for a few months and managing color versions or changes in a quick and productive way led me to create a solid workflow to overcome these challenges. This workflow made it possible to increase my output in coloring comics from one page per day up to 3, even 4 pages per day!

Have a look at these comics projects I have been working on:

Colors for comics HAC #6 Ziraxes

TFB Concept art for a comic book


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