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Christel Macabeo

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Dynamic Origami: The Ring to Ninja Star Switcheroo

You can make an awesome piece of paper art! No prior origami experience needed. I'll walk you through 10 minutes of step-by-step instruction. This class is a quick introduction to the art of paper folding. All you need is a few pieces of paper, your hands, and some patience. Impress your friends with your new skills. You'll see how fun origami can be. Can't wait to see your work!


Create a transforming ninja star. This project will teach you about modular origami, folding techniques, and you'll end up with a fully interactive paper model.

Complete your class project by:

  • folding 8 identical modular units
  • carefully putting them together
  • posting your progress and final origami creation to your class project
  • having fun


Upload photos of your origami adventure.


Amazon Origami Paper

Daiso Origami Paper



INTRO VIDEO (still working on it)

work in progress: https://youtu.be/OB0xmC-9UyY



Will be releasing some fun and beginner friendly origami classes before diving into the more challenging modular ones that I planned on doing when I first took the skillshare class challenge several months ago.

With that said, get ready for a dynamic origami series. Get your paper ready!


Future classe brainstorm below:

After working through a few letters myself, thought it would be best to come out with basics beginner/refresher friendly classes before diving into this one. Modular origami series in the future after some dynamic origami projects.

-simple solids

-more complex solids

-puzzle cube


Paper isn't just for writing on. Let's play with it! Join me as I show you how to use a few pieces of paper to make a 3D standing letter. In this class, you'll learn the step-by-step process for folding a single, repeatable, modular unit. Then, how to carefully fold and put those units together to build a block letter. No prior knowledge or experience with origami necessary! By the end of this class, you will have the foundation to transform paper into several three-dimensional letters or even words.


Project Description:

Create a block letter of the first letter of your name. Or, choose your favorite letter. You can use any color combinations you like.


Upload photos of your origami adventure.

  • a modular unit
  • the 5 modular unit folds
  • linking units together
  • final letter


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