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Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator & Lover of Flowers



Dylan's Quiet

For me, "quiet" is so much more than the absence of sound. It's a stillness and calmness that I wanted to capture in an action. For me this is reading in bed. To show a still of something that is still an action (reading) that causes absolutely no sound except for the occasional turn of a page, is really what I'm trying to embody. My word list also included things like simple, warm, breathing, soft, etc. So I used those words to hone in on special details, like having big wool socks on, and having the foot in a relaxed position instead of a flexed one. I thought having the blanket draped over the shoulders really helped add some weight to the image, as well.

To further the idea of quiet as simplicity, I'll stick to a fairly strict color palette and allow for substantial white space around the illustration.

I began to refine my sketch a bit. I really like that the blanket it now closer and more like a blanket being wrapped around someone. I also feel like I have a better hold of what shapes I need to make in Illustrator, as opposed to an idea of the shape...which is a big difference to me. I'm still deciding on color. Originally I wanted to use creams, blues, and oranges, but now I think a darker and warmer palette may suit it better. Maybe using a dark background will get the feeling across better, too. We'll see. 

I've refined the sketch and think I'm ready to go digital! I realized that the book was way too big, so I adjusted that.

I've begun the process of digitzing and picking colors. I really wanted to do pale colors because I thought they'd capture the "quiet" feel, but I realized I just HATE pale colors. So instead I'm chosing a palette that has colors fairly close together. I've just begun playing so I have a long road ahead of me. I'm now going to try some monochromatic palettes that aren't necessarily pale. 


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