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Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator & Lover of Flowers



Dylan's Daily Routine

This is my daily routine, and looking at it this way makes me want to change my daily routine. My favorite parts are the details that are really Dylan-esque. Putting on my watch. Putting on chapstick. Listening to music in the car. Other than that my day looks awfully similar to other people's. 


I'm having a hard time with the (I can't remember the term!) non-iconic drawings...the narritive (?) ones. I'm not sure if I'm intimidated by the detail or what, but so far I think I like where it's headed! My favorites are the subtle changes in similar things happening in the day (the car coming towards you for "going to work" and going away from you in "driving home")



All of my drawings were different sizes in Illustrator (I didn't plan well because one day I finally felt inspired and just wanted to go for it) so even though all of the stroke weights are the same, they are reletively different. I still have three more to do plus fixing all the sizing on them so that they look cohesive, but it isn't a bad start!



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