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Dutch tulip fields


This pictures I made a year ago at "De Keukenhof". All the tourists visit it but I didn't untill last year. The tulips only bloom for two months. This is the right season for them to show all their beauty. There are so many colour and different types of tulips... it is so inspirational to walk through this special garden. In the neighborhood there are large fields where the tulips grow for commercial use.. but it's so amazing to see. When I saw this class, I immediately wanted to use my tulip pictures, because I simply can't choose... now I could make more tulip collages.. but for now, this one will do.

Its my first attempt of this class. I have planned to make another one. I'm not totally ready with this class because I need to do the last adjustments so I can re-use my grid and make another one with another theme. But so far I'm really happy and enjoyed working on it. 

I'm so glad Helen could help me with finding out why I had no transform handles... I didn't even know they where called this way before I had this problem... hahaha. 

So next time I have to do the very last part of the course with another theme. 
I'm using this coverphoto for my Facebook right now.



I came across something odd. I wanted to do the "trick" with the magic wand tool. I was not lucky because there was mucht white selected within the pictures, but I understand very good now how to change this using the rectangle marquee tool + alt key.

But what happens is that there is around each picture a light row with pixels belonging to the picture. The problem is that sometimes this lighter row belongs to the picture and sometimes it belongs to the frame. 
But what causes this problem.. does my clipmask or my coloured rectangel not match perfect?
The problem is that where the white frame line cross each other the have a different thickness because of the lighter row, sometime belonging to the frame and with an other picture belonging to the picture.
I hope You understand my problem.


I can't seem to find a checkmark for point size when I select the magic wand tool :/






The numbers of the  layers are a little bit strange because a deleted a few, when working on it. And when I adjusted it, the layer numbering continuied. 


One of the arrows show a white line... 
The other arrow shows still having a light row of pixels.
And the left circle shows that I adjust this row of pixels, including it to the frame.. but now I see, it is only a half stroke.

Instagram grid with tulips



My CS5 doesn't give me this dialogue box when I left double click on the rectangle tool.



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