Kara Yates

Graphic Designer and Dutch Oven Enthusiast



Dutch Oven Cobbler: Making Your Own the Camp Style Way!

Hi! I published my first class on how to cook a peach cobbler in a Dutch Oven. You can find it here: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/culinary/Dutch-Oven-Cobbler-Making-Your-Own-the-Camp-Style-Way/480187244/classroom/discussions?via=user-profile&enrolledRedirect=1

So far I have mostly only marketed on Facebook. I have pinned my class on Pinterest, and have spoken to many people about my class.

My main concern with marketing my class is that it is a pretty niche topic, so attracting followers and students may be difficult. I am hoping there are additional marketing techniques I can learn to try and encourage people to try this different way of cooking.


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