Maureen Piet

Inspiratie by Maureen



Dutch Flower Fantasy

Hi everyone,

I loved this class, and I'm not done with this at all. But, I do love to share my first pattern, that I made after completing the class. Thank you Elizabeth for explaining everything so well, giving so many examples and making me feel that I can do this.

As inspiration I took a photo of antique Dutch pottery with a floral motive. And a photo that gave me the color palette, from Pinterest. Let me start with the cards I created with my finished pattern. 


There are some more beautiful color combinations that I want to try out on cards or fabric :-) 


This is the original photo I took, you can see the trace I made over it to get my floral elements. 


This is the color palette I used for the final colors.


After I traced the elements in the photo I colored it in these prelimenary colors. This is my pattern block.


And then it is time to create secundary patterns to complete the collection. 


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