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Dustin Hoffman

I had a hard time figuring out how to do most of what Brandon was showing since we couldn't see the screen. Also, I have different versions of Illustrator (CC) and Photoshop (CS3), so not everything was in the same place or even an option. The divide function didn't even work at all, so I did a lot of eye-balling. Alas, I figured enough out to slightly replicate what Brandon was talking about.

Not having anything specific in mind, I decided to give our pal, Dustin Hoffman, a little re-branding. I used the "Blanch" font from Lost Type just because it looked easily editable. 

The end product isn't as sleek as I had hoped (maybe the color image should have been over the type and the b/w image would have made a better background), but I did this more to learn the tools. I'll likely try something else soon. Anyway, here's my progress...

Once I had the letters doing what I wanted, I jazzed it up a bit...

Hey, alright...I liked what brandon did to make it pop a bit, so after hours of tinkering, I finally got that figured out...

Seeing how that affects the spacing, I would probably have lowered the lines underneath to make room for the object path work. Still, we take this to the next level:

There ya go, Tootsie.

The next one I do will be a little more balls-to-the-wall, but I'm glad to know how to doink around with type a little bit. Excited to dip in a little more!


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