Dustin Heigh

Dustin Heigh - student project

Hi, guys! My name is Dustin. I am working at making a living at this artist thing. I live in Southern Alberta, Canada, where the prairies meet the mountains.

Brooke, thank you for making such a great class and for inviting us into this process. It's really helpful and encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

My business: I currently do freelance branding and logo work, apparel designs, custom portraits, and illustration. I hope to write and illustrate children's books and comics someday. I am also trying to learn simple animation in After Effects. 

Three things I want people to think and feel when they see my work?

1. Connection: They resonate with the story in some way and want to share it, participate, and make it their own. Somehow, I'd love my work to participate in creating community.

2. Inspired: The story I am sharing reaches in and touches their own story in some meaningful way. They feel like they're known or understood and something inside that they've struggled to express suddenly has a tangible shape they can identify with.

3. Hope: I often am far too negative and cynical. We all need more positivity and hope. I'd love my work to be a hopeful voice out there in all the noise of comparison and fear.


My website: http://dustinheigh.ca

My instagram: dustinheigh.illustration


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Dustin Heigh
I love people and their stories.