Durham | Bull City


I grew up in Durham (aka Bull City, named after the Durham Bulls Baseball team) and I've come up with a few things that I think represent my hometown:







My logo drafts are below. Bear with my drawings.. I'm not as creative w/ the pen, haha.

The top one would be a blackout text logo, in other words, I would create some sort of picture (or an assortment of pictures) in the background and overlay a bold font over the image.

The image directly below and to the left is a simple lowercase font with an arrow driving through. 

To the right, I thought I'd try my hand at polygon design and just take the letter D, and maybe even throw a bull in the middle.

The bottom left is a simple D with a plant stalk (or tobacco stalk) inserting into the D

The last two stand outs of this next logo are the stalk and the period. I just like it. haha

excuse the erase mark. This cotton paper doesn't take too well to mistakes ;)

Draft of logo draft 1:



Sorry if these aren't great! I'm not as amazing as all of you all! Thanks in advance for the feedback ;)

Final logo:                         

I just bolded the lines of the bull to make it stand out more. I really like it! It's simple and super recognizable w/ my fellow bullcity ppl. This class was amazing. Thanks everyone for everything! ;)


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