Duotones Playground

Duotones Playground - student project

When starting this project, this image jumped to my mind right away

Duotones Playground - image 1 - student project

Turns out the dense hedge in the background can be tricky when applying black&white and curves adjustment layers... grrrr...

Duotones Playground - image 2 - student project

Creating color combinations for gradient maps and fills was so much fun. This hedge, however, remained tricky...

Duotones Playground - image 3 - student project
















So the cut-out of my main character opened up a lot of space for more experiments

Duotones Playground - image 4 - student project















                  In all the above pictures I added backgrounds from my creative lab. In the upper two, I then painted on the layer in between. And using a black&white version of my cut-out seemed like another good idea... even though the duotone gradient applied to it worked as well. 

Soooo many options. In the end, the larger context will determine how wild you'll go.

Absolutely loved this project - I'm sure you can tell... 


Antonia Trollius
Illustrator, Letterer & Pattern Designer