Dungeon Climber

My dream project for some time now has been to develop a dungeon-crawler/climber. And I hope through this class to be able to at the very least start the process for this project.

In the meantime, for the 1st week's assignment, I decided to set up a scene of what might be the first floor of a dungeon. I started out by throwing in some scaled and rotated cubes and using some crate textures from the Asset store. I also scaled several cylinders and added stone-like textures to create a group of pillars. These encircle the monster/boss for the level: an Ice Golem (also from the Asset store, along with the hero). I added a pointlight at the boss' feet to give the effect of a glow eminating from its feet. The hero opposite the boss has a similar setup. Other elements include torches using spotlights, a staircase made up of stretched cubes, and the teal/magenta portal made from 2 cylinders that I scaled along their axes to flatten them to discs.

Of course, I plan to add all the essential elements of any great rpg, but thought this would be a fun way to tackle the 1st assignment of just getting accustomed to Unity3d.


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