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Dumpster Babies

So, I hope everyone is doing well :).  I have been kicking around with my toy line called dumpster babies.  I want to take some elements from everyday trash and combine them with the creapyness of messed up babies.  Some will be humorous and some will be a bit edgy, I myslef prefer the combo of edgy humour.  I am hoping this class gives me some of the skills and knowledge I need to gain to make these things come to life or at least made.  There are some Dumbster babies that just couldn't make it.

I have also included a quick sketch of the basic body design.  As for the design work of the elements I have included a similar pic of another project I did with old comics. I love the Dumbster Babies because your not supposed to throw babies away and the things thrown away are endless, leaving me with a endless supply to pull from. Hope you enjoy.. Feedback is always welcome...

Thanks Again!!!



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