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Dumb Like a Fox

The phrase I've chosen "Dumb like a Fox" is all about innocence with an evil little smirk. Not because you're planning some dasterdly affair (probably), but because in your heart there's a dancing mischief afoot. There's a certain mystery about it that echos in devilish hearts, and I want to bring that to my project as best as I can.

So, in my brainstorming, I choose words that were tricky, twisty and full of secrets. (Yup, I make phantom scribbles on mah pages. Just pretend they aren't there)

I also searched for images that were visually interesting along with fonts that had just enough flair to seem as though they were hiding in plain site.  I wanted some kitchy patterns thrown in for an element of fun, You know, because foxes are full of fun and mischief!


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