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Dumb Genius


  • My name is Oluwarotimi Davies aka Timi and I'm from Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
  • Dumb Genius was formed in a small town called Ridgefield Park in Jersey by two kids my best friend Alvin Cortinas Anico and myself. We strived for greatness, but were always told to aim lower. People tried to project their fears and their doubt on to us, but it just wouldn't stick. So they gave up and since we didn't take their advice we we're labeled "DUMB"


  • The logo was just a font I've been using since high school. I think of it as simple and clean with flashes of flare.

  • The gold and red colors are simply esthetically pleasing. This leads into the slogan, "In our veins runs gold." It means that we are born with value hence we are all worth something.


  • Everyone at one point and time has been called stupid, unintellegent, or DUMB, but it takes a strong person to perceiver through the negativity of their nay sayers and become a success...a genius. It not were you start it's where you finish...DG


Back in RP 

  • This season was inspired by everything that I was into as a kid growin up in Ridgefield Park. Coming from right outside Manhattan my town was heavily influnced by NY, but we also have some styles we could call our own. Also coming from a Nigerian family I was heavily influenced by my countries patterns. 


Basic DUMB shirt with the Mary logo the back. $30

Long sleeve DUMB t-shirt with the Arches logo and DUMB alternate word mark on the back. $35

DUMB Hockey jersey with Mary logo. $100

DUMB jersey with the alternate Arches logo. $60

DUMB baseball jersey with Arches logo. $75

DUMB short-sleeve button up. $45

DUMB hoodie. $45

Exclusive DUMB crew neck. $40

DUMB afrocamo jogger pants. $55

DUMB whole-grain pants. $50

DUMB streak pants. $50

Extra Credit

  • The DUMBster


This class and contest we're a very important opportunity for my and my fellow designers to refine our abilities. If I we're to win it would honestly be one of the most monumental events to ever occur in my life, but either way thank you for the chance and the consideration. 


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