Duende Natural Tent Camp, Site Map & Town of Cahuita, Costa Rica

The work in progress

The inspiration

My first map of Duende Natural!

I made this map because my family and a group of friends are in the process of closing on a property in Costa Rica. Our plan is to create a sustainable tent camp in a magical jungle setting. I wanted to create a map of the property and the town to inspire our group to continue to push forward with all the work, studying and research that lays ahead to make our vision a reality. In future we will use a revised version for guests staying on the property.

This is by no means a final copy and it's not to scale, I decided to make the property larger then the town as it is the focus of the map. I'm very thankful for the experience of creating this map, they say when you can visualize your dreams they are more likely to come true. So this is my effort to materialize our goals.

In the future I would like to have a printed version as a postcard for guest to send to loved ones and keep as a souvei of their trip. I would also include a digital version to our website.


I welcome your feedback and suggestions!


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