Dragos Alexandru

I'm growing a beard now





I started working on my character and I end up creating a scene with two characters (well both have the same personality).

They are Mike and Tom, two ordinary guys that love to hear themselves and win duel arguments.
They are very conflictual, but passive aggressive. They spend a lot of energy on debates and they tend to get violent and aggressive, but only by gesture and words.

They are tense and ready to dive in any debate, cheap talk or chatting because this is the only way for them to prove themselves. 

I use the triangle as the symbol and I tried to bled it in the character in a balanced way:

- head and nose 
- ear postion
- legs
- collar
- sleeve
- hands
- shoes


I did the design with pencil on paper and trace the image on Illustrator, I will play latter with colours and textures.



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