Dude what a mess!!!!

Hello! My name is Victor Flores,

I'm 23 years old, Im from México! and I'm on my last semester from college. I study a B.A , in business creation and development.

Also, I'm a professional record producer and I founded a record label/Recording Studio 4 years ago, www.godspeedmedia.com

I enrolled in this class because I want to be very productive and organized. In fact, Ive encountered many issues throughout the last 5 years due to my lack of organization capabilities and I think its about time to get things straight so I can accomplish my goals. 

My life is divided into 5 main categories:



-Personal Objectives



I like getting myself involved with hundreds of activities. Whether it's work, school or friends, I keep myself pretty busy. The problem is, I seem to fall into a trap because I spend very little time on each of these activities, I dont sleep well because of that, I even get up late because of that too and at the end, my progress is very slow! Here are some examples:

-I should have graduated from school 1 year ago and my family has paid extra for all of the subjects I've failed through college...fortunately I only got 1 semester left and I need to pass all of my subjects! why have I failed? Because I dedicate so little time to school.

-Some of my clients, in fact most of all, love my work as a record producer, but they always complain about me getting late to recording sessions or even delivering the material on time. Its really a problem for me and it's difficult to manage too, but since I divide myself into so many things I end up with these sort of problems. I really don't know how is it that I've survived! 

-It took me nearly 2 years to build the website of my company. Many may say, why didn't you hire someone else to design it? Well I tried.. But I wasn't really satisfied and I also wanted to learn how to do it... after all this time I finally did build it ... (www.godspeedmedia.com) but..I mean, 2 years! you've got to be kidding me...

-I love making music, I started recording an album 3 years ago and still havent finished it! I'm really upset abut this one...Why? Because I usually work very hard with other many artists and end up with very little time to spare for my own project.

-I've had many trouble with my relationships, you call it: Ex girlfriend, my family, my friends, why? because Im always late to dates, appointments, party's. Im always too damn busy for the things I really care for.

I guess it all comes down to the fact that I spend too much time working, and the worst of all, Im not getting the results I should and Id love to see. That's why I know and understand the importance of having a balanced, disciplined but most of all, organized life. 

At this moment, I do use several software to organize my day.

On one side, I use iOS reminders, which I sync through all of my devices.

I normally have a list for the things I have to do everyday as well as other things I come across with and feel the need to write down, like business ideas.

I also use Dropbox to manage all of my files online so that I dont ever lose what's important, I also share folders with clients or class partners.

On the other side, I also keep track of projects I'm involved with at Trello,

I manage my notebooks from school on Evernote and keep track of the subjects I need to complete to finish school on excel...I even used to manage every single dime I spent with a mobile app, but lost track of it since I found it very difficult to keep up with. 

So as you can see... I do organize my files and tasks but the problem comes as so many things stack up together, I don't prioritize on what's really important, so..it really takes too long for me to get things done even though I do get them done after a long long while. 

I still need to become better at reviewing and doing Im still on the first module so I'll keep everyone updated with my results!!! I'm very excited to get this ready! 


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