Duck + Goose

Duck + Goose - student project


Duck + Goose - image 1 - student project

Duck + Goose - image 2 - student project

Duck + Goose - image 3 - student project


Duck + Goose - image 4 - student project

Confession time: Ambigram. I've wanted to make one for the longest time. I thought this would be a good project to use one in since my phrase is so playful- so I swapped out the seriffed word at the top  for the ambigram. It needs work. I'm least satisfied with the U (maybe a line weight + scale issue) but wouldn't mind some feedback on the whole thing at this point. Goose.


Duck + Goose - image 5 - student project

TEST:Duck + Goose - image 6 - student project


LETTERING STUDIES 03-14-14: Just experimenting. Top left seems less forced- still needs work all around. TBC... 

Duck + Goose - image 7 - student project 

Playing with new toolsI need more practice with the brush pen. CHOPPY strokes. 

WEEK 1:  "The I of this is not me" seemed a little too long when I really want to focus on the technique. This is just a quick preliminary sketch. Feedback welcome. 

Duck + Goose - image 8 - student project

Duck + Goose - image 9 - student project

Ducks are cool. I had a dream last year on my grandfather's birthday. A garland of ducks (paper, not real) hung across a room. The dream really struck a chord and since then I've been obsessing over the little guys. Last night I went for a walk and came across three. Talk about Inspiration. 

Duck + Duck + Goose! (Do kids still play that?)